Responsive Design & Why It's Important

Responsive Design - simply put is a flexible website design that adapts or "responds" to the width of the web browser. So depending on the internet driven device accessing the website, whether it be a phone, tablet, laptop or desktop, the website will change to a custom view just for the specific browser size.

Practicing responsive design is the new web standard, and if a business's current website does not support mobile users, over 63% of their website traffic will have trouble navigating their site. (numbers were calculated by our Google Analytics) This is not what a business wants users to experience when visiting their site because it can lead to frustration for the users and missed opportunities for the business.

The New Everyday Life Requirement

Millennials (the next generation of people reaching adulthood near the year 2000) set the new standard in web browsing. A majority of people not only have a smart phone, but use it continuously throughout the day. To this generation, a smart phone is the one item that they must have in their immediate possession at all times to function properly. Websites MUST accommodate mobile devices because it is always in the hands of the next generation.

Good Responsive Design Today

Unless required for their profession, most do not own a traditional computer, but use their phone or tablet instead. This is unfortunate because most websites have been designed and developed for desktops and laptops. Yes, there are websites that have mobile versions or use responsive design, but tend to be watered down versions of the desktop site that removes the functionality or purpose for why the site was created. 

With over 63% of websites being accessed from smart phones, website design MUST begin at mobile widths. If only the desktop experience is considered, the mobile design will be diminished in comparison. Website designers and developers have to be intentional on the purpose of the mobile design and make sure it offers all functionality across all devices.

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